J-RACING lightweight SK-1 racing suit pass FIA homologation
Column:Company News Time:2019-03-27

   J-raicng sk-1 racing suit was certified by FIA with the number RS.346.19 on March 19, 2019

   Note: each racing suit must be embroidered 
FIA certification code and production date, And it can only be used within the stipulated "shelf life"。

   SK-1 design 
          Available on the FIA official website 
Inquire the certification information about J-RACING



  FIA certification is valid for five years

  There is no FIA certified racing wear

  Is not allowed to participate in national or international auto racing events

  FIA certified racing wear must be worn on the back collar with FIA certified code

  And the security code sewn on the inside of the door barrel zipper

 Companies and brands
 RENBEN international apparel company is a national high-tech enterprises

 J-RACING clothing brand

 It was passed in 2014

 FIA certification and U.S. SFI certification

 It is scientific, artistic, functional safety and health protection

 Apparel r & d design manufacturers and service providers


 It is the first generation of certified racing suits that have been optimized

 The upgraded second generation racing suit style

 Slimmer, slimmer and more comfortable

 Better assist the driver

 Run better and set a new record!

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